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At the moment of writing, PewDiePie currently holds the title of most subscribed to Youtube channel by 55,665 and rising. However, the gap narrows and widens depending on the moment due to the rivalry between two having become an all-out meme war late last year. The real birth of the feud depends upon who you ask, but the Indian giant that is T-Series has been closing the gap rapidly since early 2018, leading many of PewDiePie’s fans and peers to scramble for more subscribers to keep him in the coveted number one spot that he has held since 2013.

This mock contest has a number of contributing factors that aided in its evolution into a full-fledged meme. The participation of other large Youtubers (MrBeast, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Logan Paul just to name a few), diss tracks made by both sides and their supporters, and a rumor that all Indian Youtube accounts are all automatically subscribed to T-Series (A rumor with little real evidence that is widely believed to be fact) are all important, as is the large supporting community behind PewDiePie in general. That community is perhaps the most substantial force in memeing the competition, as well as keeping Pewds in the lead.

Most supporters simply recruit other subscribers by word of mouth or by posting on online forums, but some have taken more drastic steps. MrBeast paid for radio advertisements and billboards promoting PewDiePie in North Carolina, and Youtuber Team 10 bought a billboard in Times Square doing the same. Those without the want or means to promote in such an expensive way have attempted viral marketing campaigns such as Markiplier’s livestream sarcastically named “I literally won’t shut up until you subscribe to PewDiePie”. Less friendly methods of spreading the good word of Felix have included an NFC device that subscribes nearby phones to Pewds and unsubscribes from T-Series, hackers printing a call to action on thousands of unsecured printers, trolling T-Series through dislike bombing and flagging, and more.

Counter Meme Review

Today, February 22nd, Pewd’s popular show “Meme Review”’s second half was hosted by Elon Musk and Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland. Let’s take another look at those memes.

Only meant to operate for 90 days, Opportunity ran for about 14 years. Exemplary work. Truly, this rover was the best of boys.


"This rover gets a perfect 5/7 for being the goodest dog we’ve ever built.

Apparently, anti-vax kids are sick of being the butt of both online jokes and long dead viruses and have taken to vaccinating themselves. This is meme power at its finest, good work everyone.



If Milhouse isn't a meme, it's ridiculous that this can be. It's terrible. The impressions are bad, the punchline is also the setup, I just can't understand why this is funny.


2/10 – There was an attempt

The Eric Andre show has borne quite a few memes, which would sway my rating here if this wasn’t so funny. There are so many situations in which this works perfectly and I find myself grinning at more of them than most meme templates.


7/10 – Genuinely funny, lots of potential here.

It's hard to fill the shoes of a beloved actor after he has passed, so it's no surprise that Will Smith is catching flack in his newest perhaps ill-advised role as Genie in the live-action adaptation of Aladdin. That said, it sure is funny to see him as Hellboy, Thanos, and our boy Shrek.


6/10 – Above average

Politics is hard for your image just about 100% of the time, especially when you post next to an easily editable board. It’s time for Bernie to feel the Bern, it seems.


4/10 – Bernie has been memed to death, this is not the funniest iteration.

Elon's a weird dude with big dreams, and I'm glad to see so many of them come to fruition. That said, I'm also glad so many people are bound and determined to drop a steamy memey duke on that dream because it's just always a crowd pleaser.


7/10 – Tesla is the future.

A fine example of anti-jokes in meme format, but did it make me laugh? Nah. I'd stomp that mouse for $50.


3/10 – Would you not?

Face swapping is either cute or a horror show. Grafting the face of Elon onto Post Malone was funny, but the fake Twitter response added is overused in my opinion. Here, I offer a much better alternative.


Elon Malone – 3/10
Pikamusk – 7/10

I love visual humor, and I love Star Wars. This is the best of both worlds.


8/10 – I chortled

A very smart joke, the Bishop next to her is a credit to the aesthetic. Honestly, the best part is that she's perfectly within the confines of her square.


6/10 – I get it, but it ain’t makin’ me laugh

No text and this would be very sad indeed. Add a few poorly spelled words with no grammar? Ha… Haha… AHAHAHA.


9/10 – Perfect aquatic execution

I thought we were long past lolcats, but this is a good resurrection. I like melons, I like cats.

7/10 – No cheezborgar, only melon.

Was bringing two of the Internet’s most beloved celebrities onto his show part of a strategy to maintain his position as number one? Perhaps. Either way, it seems to be working for his subscriber count for now, but how long can he remain ahead at this rate? Those who keep a very close eye on the subscriber counts know T-Series has been dangerously close to surpassing Pewds a number of times of the last few months, with some unconfirmed reports of T-Series surpassing PewDiePie for short periods of time. If the goal is to remain in the lead, will we see more celebrity talent on his show in the future? Will this strategy be adapted for growing other channels? Only time will tell.

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