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Nov '17

Meme Insider One Year Anniversary

Anime and Memes
Name a better Duo. I'll wait.
EA vs. Reddit
Battlefront hate unites reddit and abroad.
To Share or Not To Share
YOU are an AD. Are you acting like it?
Oct '17

Emperor Lemon

Double the Characters, Double the Memes
Twitter's experiment with a 280-character limit
Building Structural Frameworks to Contextually Examine Postmodernist Meme Culture
A Memetonormative Analysis Pt. 2
WebComic Memes
Grabbing a webcomic to make it a meme needs a keen eye
Sep '17

Grandayy - Woah, It's Number One

Exclusive Grandayy Interview
We sit down with Grandayy to talk memes, life, and more.
Sports Memes
An ignored market is your next payday
Irony, Post-Irony, and Post-Post-Irony
The Future of Meme Economics as we Know it
Aug '17

Stefán Karl - Against the Odds

He's Still Number One!
How one man and a show full of memes beat cancer.
Are Memes Art?
And if they are, why don't they get the same respect?
The Thanks & the Memeless
Episode 4: WaterGuy12's Disappearance
Jul '17

The Internet Historian

Meme Odyssey
NASDANQ and the Evolution of the Meme Economy
Memeing as "Telephone"
Sometimes, context can be reversed and meaning can be lost. But isn't that the fun part?
CNN Meme War
As seen on The Internet Historian
Jun '17

The Buzzfeed Effect

History of Memes
A brief compendium of the internet's inside jokes
Behind the Meme: Hero or Villain?
A discussion on the Behind the Meme YouTube channel
Niche Memes
Community Memes prove to have more longevity
Jun '17

Flat Earth Theory

Flat Earth Theory
Embracing the meme all around the globe
A Fresh Fidget Spin on Maymays
A phase going way too long or a start of a new long-term trend?
Imperial Conquest Via Emoji
The biggest brands in the biggest race to make the biggest bucks, and the unforeseen consequences.
Mar '17

The Internet's Biggest Music Nerd

Interview with Anthony Fantano
Getting to know the best teeth in the game
On the Sociology of Memes
A retrospective in staying woke af
Wot's in a Meme
Accessibilty lends itself to a breed of popular wholesome memes
Feb '17

Facebook An Untapped Market

A viable meme resource
Journals of a Social Media Intern
A secret view inside the mind of the over-looked
N.I.C.E. News
Murder, he memed
Jan '17

The Man. The Legend. Ken Bone.

Interview with Ken Bone
Excluse interview with America's prolific undecided voter
Pepe Conspiracy
An expected decline or something darker
N.I.C.E. News
Journey to the first meme Caliphate
Nov '16

Shitposting Gone Too Far

Inside the Pack
A rivetting dialogue with the Big Boss
Meme vs Meme
Kermit versus Pepe
Corporate Meme Trend Analysis
Bagel Bites B Rated Trend

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